Posted by: cjmajor | July 1, 2010

happy days:)

So I realize my last couple posts haven’t been the happiest of ones…

But things are on the up and up again. I got the day off yesterday for rain (gotta love lifeguarding) so I went into the gym at about 4. Ran on the treadmill and did some weights for about an hour. Talked to Kristy and Matt a bit. Matt has a weird case of veritgo going on and  its mildy hilarious to watch him walk. At about 530 I talked to Brian and asked for a work out with him. Brian’s a cage fighter who just went pro recently. The workout was intense. It was circuits of sit ups with a medicine, dumb bell presses, sidesteps with a medicine ball, jump ropes, ground N pound, some back exercise that the name I’ve forgotten,   punching the punching bag (only punchs), punching bag (only kicks), punching bag (combos). I was exhausted after, but got in some great cardio and Brian helped me land my kicks better. Sweet deal! By then it was about 615 and it was time to get ready for jitz. Got in my gi, cleaned up the mat from circuits and sat around with Michael. Therest of the  guys and Nicole got there at about 645. Funny talk as usual. Warm up started, and the stretching felt amazzzzzing after last nights MMA workout. Drilled break falls, arm bars, getting the knee in the center and spiderman crawls. Then we started on take downs (I swear the theme of the week is “everything katie hates” haha) Statue teased me about my whining skills. (“Katie, if there was a competition in whining you’d take gold every time!” Then proceeded to make the whiney kid face/noise. I swear the man is actually 6 years old…hahaha) Worked on take downs a ton. Shoulder was hurting a bit. Worked with Zack, and he was very helpful. Rolled with Deva and he was very helpful as usual. After practice, Statue was giving people stripes. Tolga and Deva and Michael all got very well deserved stripes. Statue told me that I am well on my way to earning a stripe of my own, if i work on my whining. (I swear, the whining is normally kidding…but it is something I have to work on.) WHAT?! Thats awesome. Apperantly I’m making progress. I couldn’t be happier. after a wonderful night’s sleep, my muscles are sore, I’m very bruised from the week of fighting, and  I have a big grin on my face.  🙂 Well, off to the lake!

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