Posted by: cjmajor | June 29, 2010


all jiu jitsu does is make me want to shoot myself. let me explain. its been a bad day already, every little thing seemed to go wrong. Stuck in stupid traffic, boss not in a good mood, bitchy people at the pool, blah blah blah. Then I go into the gym about an hour early and get in a good workout before practice. Practice starts  off as usual and its going well. Drilled some arm bars with scotty, which was massively helpful. then started working on takedowns. Awesome. I suck at those. Did poorly (shocker.) I drilled them over and over, and felt like I had improved a bit, still needs work (but then again, what doesnt?) then came half guard work. oh, how i hate half guard. I always seem to get everything wrong. My trainer even said “That is an example of exactly what not to do…take what you are doing and do the opposite.” LOVELY. Frustrations building, and i can’t even drill it at this point. its not working. Nicole and I are very confused, and neither one of us are hitting anything. Left practice still  angry at myself, and I swear I got behind every bad driver in the city. When it rains it pours….

Now that all of that is written down, I feel like a whiney little punk.

tomorrow will be better…right?


  1. Sucks about your half guard. Have improved at all since this post. One cure for hating half guard is to pull guard. My guard is horrendous so I am usually on the brink of being passed and I am able to hook a leg and end up in half most of the time. As a result I became comfortable in half by default, lol…

    good luck!

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