Posted by: cjmajor | June 24, 2010


Oh man. I had jiu jitsu practice last night, and all I can say is OWWW. I feel like I got extra beat-up. It was an excellent practice, we worked on half guard escapes. The warm up was sweaty as usual, but nothing too painful. As usual there was laughter and confusion and general happiness. But then when we started rolling, I worked with the new girl Nicole. She’s been doing MMA and just now started jitz. Shes kind of hilarious because we would get to a stalling point and she’d go “….now I just want to hit you…but I cannnnt!” hahaha. It was so wonderful to actually get to work on some offense! I haven’t rolled with a girl in ages. Its nice to know my offensive game exists. Its sloppy…but existant. Thats so nice to know! It was different getting to be in a position of control where I could see what to go for, and what to work on. The first time we went, I got her to tap on what was supposed to be a choke, but ended up being a smothering? hah…then I got an almost arm bar on her. So it is a rough, slopppy work in progress, but progress none the less. I’m not sure what I did but she kept throwing knee locks on me, which I would escape but now my right knee is KILLING me. It hurts to fully straighten it, put weight on it, generally move it at all. My shoulders are sore from rolling with heavy guys and practicing rolls. I rolled over my toes in a weird way and now they kinda hurt too. So like I said, all I can say is OWWW. My guys tell me this means I had a good practice and worked hard. I’m proud of having semi-accomplished something, but my body isn’t nearly as happy as my mind is. Oh well!

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