Posted by: cjmajor | June 23, 2010

oh my gosh…

There is a guy at my gym that I absolutely hate. I have not been this angry  in YEARS. This douche bag says that I suck at jiu jitsu, thats why I tap to guys that have been training longer than me…because that makes sense and stuff. He also tells me that I’m going to be the worst cop ever. WTF?! He’s 70 pounds heavier than me, and uses that to crush me when we roll. He hurts people “by accident” all the time, but really with a 13 year wrestling background there is no excuse for him to be getting so sloppy and hurting people. He cranks arm bars too hard and too fast. He gets too rough and tries to hit things too fast. He broke some guys nose that way! He smashed my back for no real reason. HE has no respect for the sport and the people that practice it. He tells the instructor that he’s gonna get a flying triangle on him. Really? Ok, first of all I’d love to see him try to heave his fat ass up in the air that high. Second of all, it would be awesome to see statue’s reaction. Hello hospital trip for you fat ass. Please try it. I am BEGGING you. This guy is rude, obnoxious and a jerk. Hopefully someone will treat him to a knockout soon.


  1. We have a guy like that, too. He’s been training with us for over a year now. I can’t stand to be around him. I don’t train with him; I used to have to, until I told my coach I was tired of him always punching, kicking, and elbowing me every time we rolled. If he joins a group, and I have a good excuse to leave, I do, because I’m only going to get angry and mess up my own training for the entire evening. I’m probably often almost rude in ignoring him (but my first instinct is to knock his head off, so I think he’s getting off easy with just a cold shoulder).

    To the other guys, I think guys like that are a funny thing — the Funny Guy Who Says Really Stupid Stuff (and so is good for a laugh). But eventually, they, too, will tire of this guy, especially since he carelessly injures people. Ours does that, too. It’s taken the boys this long to start voicing their annoyance with him, and for some even to say they hope he comes to class so they can smash him. (I admit I cheered when I heard that.) They tried at first to reform him, to include him and show him the right way to act, but he hasn’t changed; instead, he’s gotten bolder in what he says and does since he thinks he’s accepted as he is. So now they’re finally at the end of their patience with him.

    So, I think your boys are hearing and seeing the same things you are, and are probably getting as frustrated as you are as this continues, but they’re probably waiting for some signal within the group (probably from the instructor or upper belts) to indicate that Smashing Time can begin. Mine waited until the instructor called the guy out for being a white-belt hunter, and then the guy still refused to roll with upper belts. Open Season was declared. And then he conveniently stopped showing up for our class.

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