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So I realize its been a ridiculously long time since I’ve posted.

My bad.

To update: I’ve now been training for almost 10 months. I have two tips on my white belt. I still hate  half guard. I’ve lost 17 pounds, and 3 inches off my waist. I do have a new love : De La Riva. LOVE. I don’t know what it is about it that I like so much, but it has changed the way that I move. I apparently have a thing for hooking legs and messing around that way. I’m enjoying opening up my guard and going to de la riva and looking for spider guard. (I have a bit of a harder time getting to spider though…) My biggest issues right now are staying on my back too long, stopping to think about where I want to go, and take downs. My instructor is getting on my case about always pulling guard. But pulling guard is just so comfortable. I know that I have to learn better methods, but I’m lazy. Recently, I dont know what it is, but I just can’t seem to muster up any passion for anything. I’ve been moving through my life like a robot.Go to school, go to work, go to practice. I just don’t care about anything any more. Jiu Jitsu used to be the highlight of my day and now it seems like everytime I go I leave frustrated. My guys are trying to convince me to compete in a tournament on halloween, but I don’t think I’m ready. One of the girls I train with at school goes “But you’re a bad ass! You HAVE to!” (lmao.) I think my training is starting to slack. I go to practice four days a week, but I just don’t have any emotion while I’m there. Its like I’m just going through the motions, and I think everyone knows that your jitz will suck when you have no soul in it.

So, suggestions for take downs? (Keep in mind I’m 5’2 and petite. Power is not my game.)

Suggestions for learning to fight for a more dominate position?

Suggestions for getting past this haze of apathy?

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happy days:)

So I realize my last couple posts haven’t been the happiest of ones…

But things are on the up and up again. I got the day off yesterday for rain (gotta love lifeguarding) so I went into the gym at about 4. Ran on the treadmill and did some weights for about an hour. Talked to Kristy and Matt a bit. Matt has a weird case of veritgo going on and  its mildy hilarious to watch him walk. At about 530 I talked to Brian and asked for a work out with him. Brian’s a cage fighter who just went pro recently. The workout was intense. It was circuits of sit ups with a medicine, dumb bell presses, sidesteps with a medicine ball, jump ropes, ground N pound, some back exercise that the name I’ve forgotten,   punching the punching bag (only punchs), punching bag (only kicks), punching bag (combos). I was exhausted after, but got in some great cardio and Brian helped me land my kicks better. Sweet deal! By then it was about 615 and it was time to get ready for jitz. Got in my gi, cleaned up the mat from circuits and sat around with Michael. Therest of the  guys and Nicole got there at about 645. Funny talk as usual. Warm up started, and the stretching felt amazzzzzing after last nights MMA workout. Drilled break falls, arm bars, getting the knee in the center and spiderman crawls. Then we started on take downs (I swear the theme of the week is “everything katie hates” haha) Statue teased me about my whining skills. (“Katie, if there was a competition in whining you’d take gold every time!” Then proceeded to make the whiney kid face/noise. I swear the man is actually 6 years old…hahaha) Worked on take downs a ton. Shoulder was hurting a bit. Worked with Zack, and he was very helpful. Rolled with Deva and he was very helpful as usual. After practice, Statue was giving people stripes. Tolga and Deva and Michael all got very well deserved stripes. Statue told me that I am well on my way to earning a stripe of my own, if i work on my whining. (I swear, the whining is normally kidding…but it is something I have to work on.) WHAT?! Thats awesome. Apperantly I’m making progress. I couldn’t be happier. after a wonderful night’s sleep, my muscles are sore, I’m very bruised from the week of fighting, and  I have a big grin on my face.  🙂 Well, off to the lake!

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all jiu jitsu does is make me want to shoot myself. let me explain. its been a bad day already, every little thing seemed to go wrong. Stuck in stupid traffic, boss not in a good mood, bitchy people at the pool, blah blah blah. Then I go into the gym about an hour early and get in a good workout before practice. Practice starts  off as usual and its going well. Drilled some arm bars with scotty, which was massively helpful. then started working on takedowns. Awesome. I suck at those. Did poorly (shocker.) I drilled them over and over, and felt like I had improved a bit, still needs work (but then again, what doesnt?) then came half guard work. oh, how i hate half guard. I always seem to get everything wrong. My trainer even said “That is an example of exactly what not to do…take what you are doing and do the opposite.” LOVELY. Frustrations building, and i can’t even drill it at this point. its not working. Nicole and I are very confused, and neither one of us are hitting anything. Left practice still  angry at myself, and I swear I got behind every bad driver in the city. When it rains it pours….

Now that all of that is written down, I feel like a whiney little punk.

tomorrow will be better…right?

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Oh man. I had jiu jitsu practice last night, and all I can say is OWWW. I feel like I got extra beat-up. It was an excellent practice, we worked on half guard escapes. The warm up was sweaty as usual, but nothing too painful. As usual there was laughter and confusion and general happiness. But then when we started rolling, I worked with the new girl Nicole. She’s been doing MMA and just now started jitz. Shes kind of hilarious because we would get to a stalling point and she’d go “….now I just want to hit you…but I cannnnt!” hahaha. It was so wonderful to actually get to work on some offense! I haven’t rolled with a girl in ages. Its nice to know my offensive game exists. Its sloppy…but existant. Thats so nice to know! It was different getting to be in a position of control where I could see what to go for, and what to work on. The first time we went, I got her to tap on what was supposed to be a choke, but ended up being a smothering? hah…then I got an almost arm bar on her. So it is a rough, slopppy work in progress, but progress none the less. I’m not sure what I did but she kept throwing knee locks on me, which I would escape but now my right knee is KILLING me. It hurts to fully straighten it, put weight on it, generally move it at all. My shoulders are sore from rolling with heavy guys and practicing rolls. I rolled over my toes in a weird way and now they kinda hurt too. So like I said, all I can say is OWWW. My guys tell me this means I had a good practice and worked hard. I’m proud of having semi-accomplished something, but my body isn’t nearly as happy as my mind is. Oh well!

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oh my gosh…

There is a guy at my gym that I absolutely hate. I have not been this angry  in YEARS. This douche bag says that I suck at jiu jitsu, thats why I tap to guys that have been training longer than me…because that makes sense and stuff. He also tells me that I’m going to be the worst cop ever. WTF?! He’s 70 pounds heavier than me, and uses that to crush me when we roll. He hurts people “by accident” all the time, but really with a 13 year wrestling background there is no excuse for him to be getting so sloppy and hurting people. He cranks arm bars too hard and too fast. He gets too rough and tries to hit things too fast. He broke some guys nose that way! He smashed my back for no real reason. HE has no respect for the sport and the people that practice it. He tells the instructor that he’s gonna get a flying triangle on him. Really? Ok, first of all I’d love to see him try to heave his fat ass up in the air that high. Second of all, it would be awesome to see statue’s reaction. Hello hospital trip for you fat ass. Please try it. I am BEGGING you. This guy is rude, obnoxious and a jerk. Hopefully someone will treat him to a knockout soon.

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horrry shit its been a while

I completely forgot this place existed. then I got hooked on bjjgrrls blog, and BAM I’m back. Some things have changed. I don’t work at Red Robin any more. I’m lifeguarding, and its pretty chill. Its summer (obviously) and I’m mainly concentrating on training in brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA. I looooove jiu  jitsu. Love. MMA is fun, but doesnt hold the same appeal. On a side note, in relation to my first post, I’ve confronted all those inner demons I was battling. I’m happy with who I am and where I am. I really just needed to breathe. Thats all for now! Im tired from practice tonight. 🙂

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Blogging birthday?

January 15th, 2010.

It’s my first ever blog! Woah. I’ve decided that I need a place I can unrelentingly vent to. I think the expressing “venting” is the PC version of “bitching”. That’s exactly why I want a blog. I’m tired of whining to my roommates every single time something happens that I don’t like. So for their sanity, I will turn to this. My safe little black and white world where I can express myself with out judgement, or remorse. I’m under alot of pressure right now, but the little voice in me is at war with itself. I want to be angry and frustrated and irritable at how unfair things are. But my sensible side knows that is childish. I’m torn between wanting to scream and run away, live a life seperate from society and work and bills. At the same time, I know that is illogical, and while I’m on this earth I may as well do good. I am a 19 year old, plain jane prude with a tough exterior. I go to school and work at a red robin. I work ALL THE TIME.  Seriously. I have no life. I go to school full time monday – thursday, and work Friday – Monday. When I’m not at school, I go into work and pull extra shifts. When my dad was my age he was in the Navy to pay for school. I really have no right to complain, my life is much easier than his ever was. My parents pay my tuition, my rent, my car expenses. I work to save up money because its on my shoulders to pay back all of the loans. Which I am more than willing to do, they have given me so much. Its the least I can do. Next year I’ll start being able to pay my own rent.

Speaking of rent, that brings me to the subject of my apartment/roommates. I have the best roommates anyone could have asked for. They are funny, smart, kind and understanding. They give me the freedom to be me. They put up with my shennanigans and distractions. I know that I will be friends with them for the rest of my life. They treat me so well, its amazing. I whine and complain and throw pity parties and they are always there to listen. That is BEAUTIFUL.  They are both hilarious and intricate and incredible.  They both are really intelligent also. Its really amazing. I love that about them. They are great people with beautiful souls and loving hearts and I thank God for them daily.

My family is usually pretty awesome as well. My sister is two years older than me and goes to the same college and works with me. She is a theatre major. Chelsea is like the epitome of fabulous. She is tall and curvy and gorgeous. She’s funny and charming. You just have to see her and you’d know instantly that she is a star. She is my polar opposite. She’s also one of my best friends. Stacey is 18 years older than me. She is married to a great man, and has two kids. She  and her husband also served in the Navy as Seabees. She’s a great Christian and has a great sense of humor but she has a tendency to flake on things, and place blame on others. My mom is hard to explain. I love her absolutly but I don’t quite understand her. I get the impression that in high school she was like me, living in her sisters shadow. She is a self proclaimed flower child. She went to App State but dropped out to get married to Stacey’s dad, and then had Stacey. I think in college she was a wild-child. She loves books and children, and therefore works in an elementary school library. She is well loved there. She has a hard time admitting when she is wrong, but she has a good heart and loves truely.  My dad is an electrical engineer and a navy vet. He has his own brand of humor, and I find it hysterical. He is a math-minded logical person. He’s helping me learn to program. He is brilliant, but you would never hear him say that. He is very modest about everything he does.

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll complain about work later.

Lovvve you my anon. internet friends, if you are out there.